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Some members choose to use this account for active money management while continuing to save and, if they wish, become eligible for our loans. Money is paid into the accounts in the form of wages, pension, benefits or a regular standing order. This money can be divided in up to three ways:

  1. A regular amount specified by you goes to savings in your Ordinary Savings Account.
  2. Regular bills as agreed by you are paid for you, thus avoiding any risk of falling into arrears.
  3. The remainder is released to you as spending money, by bank transfer, or can be loaded onto a prepaid card which can be used like any debit card, including for obtaining cash at point of sale or ATMs.

When we receive your application for this account we will provide you with further details about how the account works, and confirm the instructions from you on how you want to operate the account. We may ask you for documentation regarding any bills you wish to be paid, in order to avoid confusion. Bill paying is subject to the terms and conditions of the company you wish to pay.

For more details of the Prepaid Card, please contact us.